A Roadmap to Pursuing Your Dreams

We help you make better choices and set realistic expectations. That may include effectively helping you avoid costly mistakes, guiding you to gain a better understanding of your financial picture, and reinforcing the importance of sticking to your long-term plan.

An In-Depth and Ongoing Approach

We walk through life with our clients as their coach, guide, advisor, and friend. The relationship is ongoing and ever-developing, and the nature of this role requires us to know our clients and to understand what is important to them. Once a client has engaged our services, the typical process is as follows:


Data Gathering/Discovery

This first step involves an introductory meeting where we’ll both get better acquainted. With the help of our financial planning organizer, we’ll get a “snapshot” of your current financial situation.


Initial Plan Meeting

Next we’ll use the information from the discovery meeting to build and present your initial plan. Your plan is not a static document because it will evolve as your goals and priorities evolve.


Plan Implementation

Once the initial plan is agreed upon, we will help you navigate your action steps. We’ll guide you through cash flow planning, disability and survivor solutions, education and retirement funding, investment management, and other strategies.


Periodic Review Meetings

We will meet periodically to review and revise your plan to keep you on track toward meeting your objectives. We’ll discuss any changes that need to be made due to life events or outside variables, such as tax or investment law changes.